That day I took the computer and … fingers.

In the old days I would take a paper and a pen, that day I took a computer and … fingers. And to make it more romantic, Belgium weather was on its highest top that morning and the rain increased after three days of medium raining. Drops were knocking on the window of my cold Au Pair room when I was sitting at the table thinking what comes next.

The charm of being unsettled was slowly becoming a frustration of being unsettled. After finishing my law degree I said the final goodbye to the field that made me feel five years older every time I finished another book of thousand pages. With all due respect to the ones that like it, I had to accept that this was not the right career for me. In order to find another one, I was bouncing from Slovenia to the hotels in Portugal, Belgium, with a camera in my hands. I had no answers to where will I be in five years, or even in a year. I was not even sure where would I want to be after that amount of time.

That day I sat down and started writing. I decided to accept my time of wondering as a good, positive experience because this is what those years really were. It is a great advantage spending them in so many beautiful places and to see so many new things. They have made me realize how passionate I am about tourism and travelling and how important it is to spend time abroad. I committed to the blog to share my stories with others.

Welcome, everyone! My friends call me Mar. I move a lot.