Should Portugal be your next destination?

If you expect summer in February, long swims in the ocean or surfing your first wave on the first day – you might want to think twice.

Every place has its own characteristics and offers different opportunities that can change by the season. And every traveler is visiting the place out of different reasons. Some want to grill&chill on the beach, stay awake all nights, some visit museums. All of this is great.

As being aware of those differences I am presenting you eight things that will help you figuring out whether Portugal is your next »place to be«, a place where you can enjoy your free time in your own style.

1. You like great sun

Portuguese weather is amazing. Algarve, that lies on the South of the country, is one of the sunniest places in Europe and reaches up to 300 sunny days per year. Therefore do not forget to pack sunglasses and suncream.

However, do not expect nice temperatures in winter months (from December to February), since they tend to be the rainiest and windy. There are even parts in Portugal where snow is regularly expected in winter.

2. You like beaches but you are alright with not taking long swims in the ocean

Many people do not know that the ocean is freezing cold! In summer months the average temperatures of the ocean are around 19 degrees, with the small exception of the South of Portugal. It gets better in September though. 😀

3. You would like to learn how to surf

Portugal is one of the world’s top destinations for surfers and hosts various surfing competitions.

Surfing schools offer the whole traveling packages or simply occasional classes on the beach, renting you a board and a suit. However, to surf your first wave you will need some patience. On my third class I still didn’t manage to stand up on the board. A tip for the snowboarders: your skills won’t help you.

4. You like good wine

It is hard to make a mistake, anything that is not packed in a carton is incredible and very low-priced. For three euros you will have a nice bottle and if you pay four euros you will have something amazing.

Their most known wine is Port wine, a classic from which everybody mostly knows the city of Porto that offers many visits to the wine cellars of Port wine. A tricky sweetness that hides the taste of around 20% of alcohol.


5. You like photography

Portugal is a country of viewpoints, cliffs, nice architecture, street graffiti, endless sand beaches, incredible sunsets, parks, colors, old school trams, bridges and on and on. Your camera will enjoy.

6. You do not mind the wind

I am not wearing fluffy dresses in Portugal since the wind lifted it over my head in a public place. The wind is very typical for Portugal, which can be annoying in winter months but a great comfort in hot summers. However, I believe it can not effect your Portuguese experience but occasionally demand some extra pulover or light jacket.


7. You like history

Portugal is one of the oldest countries in the world. The land of navigators was one of the most powerful countries in the years of discoveries and had colonies all over the world. This is the reason why Portuguese is the sixth most spoken language in the world. Portuguese are very proud of this part of their history. With many historical buildings, castles, and museums, Portugal is a good spot for every history lover!


8. You would like to try a new style of going out at night

Meeting at the late hour in the areas of main bars, standing on the crowded streets catching up with friends and occasionally filling your glass with beer until the places start closing. The photograph says it all, right?