Jump into a postcard or Why I went to Portugal

Sometimes you need to take a step out of your comfort zone to awake your adventurous spirit. To feel like a complete master of your life and to resist the fact that schedules build our lives.

I needed this step and it was a reason why I was in the airport that day. With the goodbye pizza muffins in my lap, I was staring out of the plane window with the eyes full of fear and excitement that my life will change forever. This is what I was told.

I have chosen Portugal. Why? Did it ever happen to you that out of the sudden the same people or messages or countries or stories or whatever else started constantly appearing in your life when there were nowhere near before? This is why. From knowing there is Portugal in the West a year passed in which I crashed into Portugal or the Portuguese for so many times, it became strange. I believe that we see what we want to see because we already know what we have to do or where we want to go, but do not have enough of courage to admit it yet. It might have been my case too.

However, everything seemed like a life’s bad joke when my flight was accompanied with an amazing turbulence and landing felt like a crash. It was raining and the wind was moving me around and my luggage was my anchor. My pizza muffins were wet and when reaching a hostel I looked like a natural disaster. No one told me about that kind of Portuguese weather. Hitting the next day with a better spirit, trying to start again, I stayed homeless because the University offices lost my application for the dormitories (which was by the way sent twice). Homeless, I took a long walk to one of the many beautiful viewpoints of Lisbon. I tried my first Pastel de Nata and ordered my first Super Bock. Life was good again.

After studying in Lisbon, photographing in Albufeira, living in Évora and many other explorations and camping trips, I came to a point where I have too much to share to keep it to myself. My life changed for good and there is a reason why I return at least once per year.

My country is my home because of family and friends, while Portugal became my home because of me. As my friend often says »It is hard to be sad in Portugal.« It truly is a jump into a postcard.